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We conduct inquiries into allegations of misconduct made against all levels in organisations including chief executives, directors, senior managers and professional staff.

The allegations that we have investigated include breaches of codes of conduct, workplace bullying, conflict of interest, public interest disclosures, corruption, secret commissions, dishonesty, ethical violations, negligence, discrimination, victimisation, harassment, threats and intimidation, sexual assault, common assault, child protection matters, equity issues, computer misuse, internet misuse, e-mail misuse, unauthorised disclosure of information, substance abuse, fraud, theft, intellectual property rights and unfair recruitment and promotion processes.

In the course of investigations we sometimes find that in addition to employee misconduct indicating appropriate disciplinary action, evidence of possible criminal offences, professional misconduct, corrupt conduct or reportable conduct emerges. In such cases, we advise our clients to refer the matter to the appropriate law enforcement, child protection, regulatory or professional body.

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Standard of Proof

In administrative law, the relevant standard of proof for determining whether or not an allegation is made out is the balance of probabilities also referred to as the civil standard of proof.

This means that the decision maker must be satisfied that it is more probable than not that the alleged events occurred. The level of satisfaction required by this standard of proof, while never reaching the criminal standard of proof, rises in accordance with the seriousness or importance of the issue to be determined (Briginshaw v Briginshaw [1938] 60 CLR 336).

Investigation Associates Australia
We provide investigation services in Australia to assist employers in dealing with allegations of misconduct, employee misconduct, employee grievances, employee complaints and workplace grievances. Our Investigators conduct factual investigations, collecting documentary evidence and other evidence in conjunction with corporate counsels and the staff of professional standards units. They use best practice methodology in accordance with administrative law, applying the relevant standard of proof, the balance of probabilities. A recommended finding is made as to whether the allegation is sustained or not sustained is provided. In the event that allegations are found to be vexatious or misconceived the client is advised accordingly.

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